UHURU in Trouble as PUTIN , MACRON and MERKEL supporting RAILA ODINGA ‘s bid to swear himself as PRESIDENT OF KENYA

Russia, Germany and France are among many European heavyweights, who are yet to congratulate President Uhuru Kenyatta following his reelection for a second term.

 United States and Britain were the first countries to send congratulation messages last week when the son of Jomo was sworn in for a second term.
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 According to a senior NASA principal, Germany Chancellor Angela Markel, Russia’s Vladir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron are solidly behind NASA leader, Raila Odinga’s quest for electoral justice in Kenya.

The principal said the three leaders have refused to congratulate Uhuru because they are solidly behind the son of Jaramogi.

“We still have backing from Germany, France and Russia. Leave alone the US and Britain because they have been part of the system,” he said. “They believe in subverting democracy but we believe our friends shall stand with us. No matter how long it takes, we are going to be there,” he added.

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