….South Africa where Jacob Zuma had planned to make his wife his successor. He forced her to contest for the ANC leadership but was just!bless by Ceryl Ramaphosa. 

This is also happening in Uganda. Museveni is on the verge of handing over power to his wife Janet. This is what Ugandans are waiting for before bringing him down. 

Hitler died while suffering from from syphilis due to the power of the pussy. It is clear that the power of the p*** is even stronger than self proclaimed dictators. 

The truth is the power of the p***has made men be beasts and enemies of fellow men. Have you been on a road and try to seek for a lift from boda boda or any vehicle? 

I hope as a man or woman have done this. When men are the drivers, they will never give a lift to a strange man but will be willing and and times will stop their v8 to 'offer' lift to a lady walking on the road. The most affected by this trend are drivers of trailers. 

These niggers will never offer a lift to a man but will carry ladies. Even if you are two(lady and man), they will stop and offer the lady the lift as the man whips his d*** in the heat. If you the lady is your sister, then you might be lucky to be offered the lift. 

This is also rampant among bodaboda riders. They will grace the cold to offer a lady or old woman a lift but not a man. This means that the p*** is stronger than any man. Men worship p****. Unless we change and realise that in times of trouble, a fellow man can assist you than that p***carrier, then we were doomed. 

It’s time men woke up and start advocating for boy child rights. Women will always advocate for girl child but we men are our own enemies! Let us not say the boy child has been neglected and yet we are the ones neglecting them. 

The power of the p*** will be defeated if we unite as men and advocate for our own rights. A PEOPLE UNITED CANNOT BE DEFEATED! ALLAN WADI. 
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