MAKAU MUTUA reduces GITHU MUIGAI to a cattle dip lawyer after his ant-RAILA tirade - Even MURKOMEN is now better

December 12th because he won the August 8th General Elections. Following Githu Muigai’s statement, Prof Makau took to social media and said the statement is political and not legal. “AG Muigai’s statement of an Odinga presidential oath as treason is POLITICAL, not LEGAL.

Nowhere does the constitution FORBID such an oath. Stop Njonjo-like pronouncements, Mr Muigai,”’ Makau said. “As a matter of law, a presidential oath by ODINGA is an act of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. It's an EXPRESSIVE right protected by the CONSTITUTION. To call it TREASON is HYPERBOLE to justify REPRESSION. AG Muigai VIOLATES his oath of office by giving MISLEADING and WRONG legal advice,” Makau added.
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