KIUNAs are no different from Slay Queens who suck D!CK$, they’re in business - JIM goes hard on them

..suck blood from the knuckleheads in their church just like slay Queens suck d!ck. They're in business. And the ignorant buffoons in their church are so naive they can't see this.

 I know this gonna spark a storm but I contrast Kiunas to African dictators who impoverish their citizens by looting everything from the public purse and investing the loot in luxury houses and vintage cars and giving part of the loot to their spoilt kids who brag with it right on our faces.

The Kiunas also target the poor and the dying hoodwinking them that they can cure them (they say God will) of cancer, HIV, heart diseases, witchcraft and other malignant ailments. They practice slavery in God's name with reckless abandon. They lie, they fornicate, they kill (by defrauding the poor) and they steal.

One thing I'm profoundly proud of is that stupidity reveres me. I do not interact with stupidity like the nitwits who go to the Kiunas church or the religious slaves who've no plausible counteragument except the outdated "don't attack the anointed; only God can judge" trash.

I'm not making this up but to market their business for more profits, Kiunas of this world hire whores and street urchins to give fake testimony about fake miracles. And stupidly the "only God can judge" army believe this garbage.

Of course one needs to suspend his/her brain and replace that critical organ with substantial amount of human waste to believe that the Kiunas and fellow religious conmen are men of God. Can I get an "Amen"
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