KIUNAs are no different from Slay Queens who suck D!CK$, they’re in business - JIM Kills them with Bitter Truth

Here’s an interesting piece by Jim Bonnie attacking controversial city preacher Allan Kiuna and his wife, Kathy. He is talking nothing but the truth. 

I'm sitting here with a glass of whiskey enjoying this fine Sunday but I can't fathom the imagination that there are brainless Kenyans who will present themselves before this stupidly corrupt, hypocritical, mediocre and cynical couple to listen to the word of God.

I'll be brutally honest with you. The Kiunas are not Christians by any stretch of imagination beyond the fact that they have a Christian name which is a practice forced down our throats by white imperialists. Everything about this couple is evil.

They're money-hungry and they're using the Bible as a smokescreen to amass wealth and impoverish their clients. The relationship between the Kiunas and their church members is not Godly but parasitic by all applicable standards. Why? They…
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