Why Ms Mumbi Stabbed To Death Ruggby Star Mike Okombe (Oh REALLY!!)

....denies being involved in the murder of her 27 year old boyfriend.

However All the media outlets hid the fact that 27 year old Mike Okombe was stabbed to death by his 37 year old girlfriend Maryanne Wamboi. They all reported that the Kenya Rugby hero had ‘died in unclear circumstances’. Social media dug up and revealed the ‘unclear circumstances’. Mainstream media is yet to publish a single picture or other detail about Wamboi.
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The last time any such strange conduct was witnessed from our media was when a Moi High School girl ~ the daughter of a CS ~ murdered 9 of her schoolmates. Which leads to the question. Which politician is Maryanne Wamboi a relative of. And some wag has ~ on a light note ~ suggested that she must have thought Okombe is a brother to Akombe.


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