Was Governor, Wahome Gakuru Assassinated? Latest Observations From Accident Scene Leave More Questions Than Answers!

Guardrails may have initially been meant to protect both motorists and pedestrians from straying into dangerous or off limit areas, but are they now ‘killer guardrails?’

On Tuesday morning, Nyeri Governor, Wahome Gakuru’s car veered off the road, crashing into a guardrail along the Murang’a-Thika road.

The rails that should have saved his life, caused his untimely death by going through his car, injuring two other occupants.
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Normally, when a car rams onto guard rails, it either veers off the road or breaks it off to the ditch. Looking at the wreckage of Gov. Gakuru’s car, one smells a big rotten rat.

It has all the footprints of an assassination. The weapon of choice was the guard rail. See how it tore into the front and back left passenger seats. The seats occupied by both the body guard and the Governor. How convinient? How accurate? VIPs are not allowed to die! And therefore, when they do, especially in such a way, you can only smell a big fat rotten rat!!

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