This is Unbelievable: Did Many Foresee Governor Gakuru’s Sudden DEATH? Read This Shocking Post Circulating On WhatsApp

Carol pushed the appointment to the executive of Dr Rachael Kamau, her business partner and childhood friend. Together, they run numerous pharmacies in the County and Nairobi. Dr. Kamau is cousin of Dr. Jeff Kamau of Karatina.

The Sharbeen Hotel room that was talked of during the campaigns can be drawn in detail by Hon. Carol Muthoni. She does not have a kid with Gakuru.

Kahiga’s sidekick is the CEC for Education and ICT Ms Margaret Macharia, a former Primary School teacher.

They have had their relationship under the carpet for years. Madam Margaret hails from the same locality as Governor Gakuru.

Now you know!
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