This is Unbelievable: Did Many Foresee Governor Gakuru’s Sudden DEATH? Read This Shocking Post Circulating On WhatsApp

The former First Lady, (Margaret Gachagua) commanded respect across the country. She had an office to run her humanitarian activities, an official car, a personal assistant and a body guard. Her office had more than 5 employees.

After successfully engineering the closure of the First Lady’s office, Kendi had to literally show who is boss in Gakuru’s life during the Central ASK Show at Kabiruini.

Immediately after the show, Diana Kendi put the Governor’s security in a spin when she insisted that she had to ride in the same car with Governor “to sort out an urgent issue with him’. They rode together from the Showground. Catherine was in her official car.

Immediately after the ride to town, Gakuru gave instructions that the first Lady’s official car be withdrawn.

Kendi was content.

The sidekick is MCA Carol Muthoni, a former Anaesthetist at the PGH Nyeri and who used to lead the numerous strikes by medics across the county. She is also very close to Deputy Governor Mutahi Kahiga.

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