This is How Raila Odinga Outsmarted Suspected ‘ASSASSINS Sent to Poison and KILL Him in Dubai’

NASA now believes that its leader Raila Odinga survived a poisoning attempt on his Kenya Airways ight from Dubai to Nairobi.

According to NASA insiders and close Raila staers, two individuals accompanied a popular Radio/TV host on a journey to Russia with unclear mission. The three then ew from Russia to Dubai where they stayed for some days waiting for Raila who was to y to Dubai from USA.

 While Raila’s initial public itinerary revealed that he was supposed to come back to the country last weekend, Raila delayed his journey to this week, stretching his stay outside the country by another week and throwing the plans of the alleged assassins into a spin.

 While in Dubai the team of 3 waited for Raila to show up, another team of monitors were in USA trailing the ODM leader’s every movement and recording who he was meeting and for what purpose.

It’s not clear if the two teams were linked in any way but Raila’s security now believes that they were being coordinated from Nairobi with express instructions to nd ways of neutering him.

Meanwhile, the media reports which we reported on awakened Raila’s security and they crafted a plan of layered security to protect Baba as the NASA leader is famously referred to by his maniacs.

 Raila was travelling with his daughter Winnie among other staers who the team of assassins might not have been aware of as they were laid back and a step away most of the time.

While Raila and his daughter were booked in First or Business Class, his other...CONTINUE READING IN PAGE 2
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