This is How Raila Odinga Outsmarted Suspected ‘Assassins Sent to Poison Him in Dubai’

Let me be clear for those so determined to believe foolish lies.I travelled to Accra, Ghana on Sunday to guide sessions on the new media era in Africa for Bloomberg, then to Moscow to a global conference on Ending TB where I moderated.

— Julie Gichuru (@JulieGichuru) November 18, 2017
Have some crazy bloggers made VILE, VICIOUS, DANGEROUS & FAKE allegations about me &
This one @JBoinnet @FredMatiangi you must investigate.
I do not believe in harming others. Never have. Never will. Never would.
Now I am getting death threats over FAKE NEWS.
— Julie Gichuru (@JulieGichuru) November 18, 2017

I headed back to Kenya via Dubai with a four hour transit at the airport. I travel light, with only hand
luggage by the way.

Dear FAKE bloggers, if ANY gas was found on me or ANY thrratening items, in this era of terror, I
would not get through ANY airport.
— Julie Gichuru (@JulieGichuru) November 18, 2017
At The Address Hotel Dubai on Wednesday evening

The Gichuru family has been so close to the Odinga family with Robert Gichuru known to have been a close friend of the late Fidel Odinga.

On the other hand, Julie Gichuru’s husband, Anthony Gichuru, is known to be a key business partner of Raila’s nemesis and current Deputy President, William Ruto.

Highly unstable gases used in assassinations are very hard to detect even by the most highly secured security installations.

Raila’s movement abroad was clearly monitored as it is Moses Kuria who revealed how the NASA leader was not in UK but in Dubai lounging around. Raila spent his time in Dubai at The Address Hotel in Dubai. CONTINUE READING IN PAGE 3
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