They are just shedding crocodile tears after GAKURU’s death, Greed for power in Nyeri County EXPOSED

..Governor has received serious social media bashing.....meetings have been held to plan his impeachment...... ..I could not add my voice!

 I remember beseeching some people to give him some time and observe the short term results. In fact, I felt terrible when I read posts touching on his family,finances and relationships generally! 
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I am also aware of the kind of relationship he had with some elected leaders!I can see them shedding crocodile tears at Lee funeral... People who have been planning his ouster and even impeachment right from the day he was sworn in! Nyeri has a serious problem! 

We are a divided Society,a GREEDY People. I hope those Facebook posts will be brought down! May God grant his deputy Muru Wa Wangechi strength and wisdom to move the county forward. May our Creator grant him eternal Peace,may perpetual light shine upon him. 

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