The Late Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru’s 2 Mpango Wa Kandos storm in his funeral arrangement meeting and demand to be Recognized as Gakuru's wives in a bid to entice her to take the position of first lady, a gesture his other woman Kendi, did not take well.

Kendi however is not the only woman as another by the name Ann Wangui is said to have stormed Gakuru’s home flanked by her kin while carrying with a three year old baby. The woman who was his campaign mobilizer in the last election claimed to have been his wife since 2009.She said,
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I met Wahome in 2009 and I have related and lived with him ever since.Everybody knows Wahome never lived in Runda,not even once.We stayed along State House road from 2009 and 2011,we moved to Kilimani,where we have been living to date.”

Ann also claimed that his (Wahome)friends and relatives knew about their relationship.Dr Gakuru’s family did not know how to react as they watched the woman match towards the main house where she locked herself in the late’s bedroom.

Catherine is said to have left the venue without saying a word.
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