The late Governor Gakuru Loved Beautiful women. Here is the list of women in Dr. GAKURU’s life! A wife and mipango wa kandos (PHOTOs).

The late Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru who died in a grisly road accident was caught up in scandals with women, something that was the discussion in Nyeri County late last week.

We understand that his marriage with his official wife, Catherine, was just cosmetic. She had separated with the Governor after she learnt that he had an affair with her niece, Diana Kendi.
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They came back together early this year when Gakuru decided to vie for the gubernatorial seat. Actually, Diana Kendi conceived with Gakuru's kid when she was staying with the family.

When Catherine learnt of it, she separated with Gakuru and became bitter enemies with Diana Kendi, her niece. Today, Kendi is the CEC Tourism and Catherine is the First Lady.
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The supremacy battles over Gakuru played out two weeks after Gakuru was sworn in. Kendi influenced the abolishing of the First Lady's office in Nyeri and the withdrawal of the official car given to Catherine.

During the Central ASK show last month, Kendi caused drama after she insisted that she must ride in the same car with the Governor to show how powerful she was and embarrass the…
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