RAILA ODINGA is a gambler and he has no plan for himself or anyone - MUTAHI NGUNYI vomits again

..no plan?” “Is it possible that he is just a reckless gambler who depends on nothing but the rhythms of the dark gods?”

“Is it possible that Raila's political persona suffers from a multiple personality disorder? ''Mutahi posed. “He told us that he had a tallying center, it turned out to be worse than a Kariobangi cyber cafe, zero input.”

“Then he told us he had 10 million strong but in August he was only 6 million strong, In October he had fallen to 70,000 strong, then he told us there would be no elections on October 26, then elections happened.”
“Now he has formed a National Resistance Movement, another grand invention with a fancy name that would amount to absolutely nothing.” “And so I ask, is Raila the blind philosophical man in a dark room chasing a black cat which is not there?'' he added.
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