MOSES KURIA shocks UHURU/ RUTO as he backs NCCK to have RAILA ODINGA appointed Prime Minister

this.” “I look forward to welcoming Raila and Kalonzo to Parliament.” “Let the debate continue," wrote Kuria in a post.

He also advocated for dialogue between Uhuru and Raila to end the current political impasse in the country.

“The current situation is not about a free and fair election.” “Even the NASA leaders know that President Uhuru won fair and square.” 
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“The untold side of the story is that there are sections of this country who fear that they will be out of power in perpetuity and eternity if the current political architecture prevails in the long term,” he said.

 "We must, therefore, start addressing these fears and the starting point has to begin with a serious re-look at the 2010 Constitution.” “Sadly, we will have to go back to this discussion after 7 years of lost opportunity and this is what will define our political-constitutional space over the next five years," he added.
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