Kenyan Rugby Star Mike Okombe(27yrs) Stabbed To Death By his wife MaryAnne Mumbi(37yrs)...RIP #RESIST

Mike Okombe was killed in cold blood by his older girlfriend.Maryanne Mumbi,who rarely smiles, stubbed the innocent Rugby player several times, leaving his lifeless body lying on the ground in a pool of blood.
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Eye witnesses say Mumbi is 37 years old while Mike Okombe was 27.The two have been friends for several months. On the fateful day, yesterday, Mumbi was angered by Mike’s behavior while they were attending Mr Okoth’s birthday party (Okoth is Mike’s friend).The slay queen took a knife and stabbed the well-built Mike several times killing him instantly.After Mumbi committed the sin, she disappeared. Police are looking for her.

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