I Hacked IEBC Servers - IT Expert who was hired by ODM Governor make a shocking Confession in Court

 the passwords for the server by a contact at the polls agency but did not mention any names.

“I was not alone while accessing the server. I had a contact who was helping me. I used FileZilla to access logs,” he revealed. The presiding Judge, David Majanja, asked the witness to write down in confidence the name of his contact at the IEBC, which he gave to the court.
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Prof Nyongo's lawyer James Orengo gave Mr Otieno a hard time when he asked him to provide evidence of hacking into the system which the witness failed to “The beauty of science is that it leaves a trail of the transaction.

What footprint did you leave when you accessed the server?” Orengo asked the witness who remained silent. Mr Otieno was testifying in support of the petition filed by former Governor Ranguma against the IEBC and Nyong’o. Ranguma wants the court to overturn Nyong’o’s victory.
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