I Hacked IEBC Servers - IT Expert who was hired by ODM Governor make a shocking Confession in Court

A witness on Wednesday shocked the Kisumu High Court after he declared that he hacked the IEBC servers during that August 8 General Election.

 Speaking during the hearing of a petition filed by exKisumu Governor Jack Ranguma against Professor Anyang Nyong'o, IT expert Levy Otieno Oduor revealed that he accessed the IEBC servers during the election where he noticed that some files had been deleted.
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"When I accessed the server I realised that there was the deletion of files which were form 37A which gave room for fresh ones to be uploaded,” Mr Otieno was quoted by the Nation.

Responding to questions on who benefitted from the hacking, the witness stated that Prof Nyong'o was the major beneficiary of the malpractice.
According to Mr Otieno, the person he found performing the alleged ‘fraud’ used the login 'nmigot@iebc.org.ke'.
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"I don’t know the relationship between the person who logged in and the respondent, but what I know is there was a Nicholas Migot in Prof Nyong’o’s campaigns," Otieno stated. The IT expert further noted that he had been given...
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