How Jubilee Has Protected Uhuru’s ‘Win” from Chief Justice Maraga and Deputy Chief Justice Mwilu.

Jubilee Party has pulled some crude manoeuvres which have now ensured that President Uhuru’s contested win is protected from Chief Justice Maraga and Deputy Chief Justice Mwilu.

While the party strongly opposed and voiced concerns after the Supreme Court nullified the win of President Uhuru terming some actions by IEBC illegal and irregular, the ruling party has upped the game this time reaching out to key judges, isolating the CJ and DCJ while at the same time intimidating some of those believed to be threatening the Presidency of Uhuru.
Judiciary chief of Staff Duncan Okello and the Registrar Esther Nyaikaki have already received their share from Wanjigi to make sure they don’t lock out any petitioner who files their case past deadline and forge more documents to assist in nullifying Muthamaki’s win.Tuko macho— NrbBusinessCommunity (@NjugiFrank) November 8, 2017
Through the Fazul Mohammed led NGO Coordination Board, the government has reigned hard on civil society and demanded that they operate within some rules which Jubilee could have used to manage them.
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The ruling party also believes that the Judiciary has some senior activists in its ranks, senior of them being the Chief of Staff, Duncan Okello who was brought in from the civil society by former CJ Willy Mutunga. Duncan has been the subject of targeted attacks from those believed to be speaking on behalf of the Jubilee party and the Presidency.

Okello is one of those who are going to be subjects of attacks this week as the Supreme Court convenes a pre-trial hearing for the Presidential Petition.
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The Registrar of the Judiciary Anne Amadi and her junior at the Supreme Court Esther Nyaiyaki are also going to be targets of state threats and intimidations. The duo have now deployed extra levels of security while going slow in most of their dealings at the court.

The attack on the Deputy Chief Justice’s driver sent a strong message to...
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