Four People SHOT DEAD, Five Vehicles Burned As Raila Odinga’s Homecoming Turns Chaotic... it's SAD and SHAMEFUL!!!

people have allegedly been killed by police officers were who were dispersing NASA supporters who had flanked opposition leader Raila Odinga’s home coming convoy.

The NASA supporters have been engaging in running battles with the anti riot police officers leading to the closure of Mombasa and Jogoo roads in Nairobi.

Police have also allegedly shot at the cars separately ferrying Odinga and Imara Daima MCA Kennedy Obuya.
LATEST UPDATES: Gunmen Fires Bullet on Raila’s Car, Leaders Injured... ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT

Odinga was returning back to the Country after a ten days tour to the West.

Four Forward Travelers buses were burned after the drivers and passengers were chased away. The windows of some of the vehicles were broken and items that were inside stolen.
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A lorry was also burned along Jogoo road with witnesses saying group burned it thinking it belonged to the police because of its color.

A journalist Duncan Khaemba from Standard group was also injured in the procession that has since escalated to a violent demonstration. He was allegedly injured by the controversial business community.

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