Finally Wahome Gakuru's Driver Reveals 1 Mistake He Made Before Tragic Accident and Dr. Gakurus Last Words...FORGIVE ME I KILLED HIM!!

 the airbag blocked my view. I don’t understand how the guardrail got into the car," he recounted.

The Standard reports that the front wheel of the Mercedes E250 was forced off its axle by the impact of the accelerating vehicle and thus the guardrail penetrated the body of the car.

Mr Kinyanjui recalls hearing the Governor gasp "God!" as soon as the guardrail forced its way through the car, pinning him to his seat.

"The seat was stuck, we tried even breaking the window so that we could get him out but we were only able to do that when a lorry stopped and gave us a rope that we used to tie to the seat and rip it off," Kinyanjui elaborated.
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Peter Mwaniki, the driver in the police chase car assigned to the Nyeri Governor, reiterated the statement explaining his efforts as soon as he arrived at the scene. "The driver's foot was still on the accelerator and he was stuck in his seat.

 I opened the door for the driver but he could not get out as he was trapped. The governor too was trapped. "We first rushed the bodyguard and the PA to Thika Level Five hospital. The driver joined them 40 minutes later," he explained.

Mr Kinyanjui added that he watched the departed Governor groan in pain, stuck to his seat and bleeding for about 40 minutes before he was rescued.

"I have been working with the county for four years," Kinyanjui stated adding that he had, however, only chauffeured Governor Gakuru for barely two weeks. The driver asserted that the car was in perfect condition and is the same one which was used by former Governor Samuel Wamathai and the late Nderitu Gachagua.
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