EXTREMELY SAD PHOTOS: Captain APOLLO MALOWA earned over Ksh 800,000, wasted his Life with City Girls, expensive cars, alcohol and he forgot his Parents completely. He DIED a POOR Man!!!

Captain Apollo Malowa has 14 years experience in piloting but he couldn’t spare a coin to build a house in his village.

Today Kenyans trooped to the late’s home in Nyanza and were shocked to find the man who earned Ksh 800,000-Ksh1.2 million has no house…he was living with his mother.
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The captain’s friends describe him as a man who loved alcohol and yellow yellow. The man could spend entire night in a pub, spend to the last coin and please women, but he had no time to pay attention to his village.

In Nairobi, Apollo lived like a King,he drove a Range Rover and did his shopping abroad, Village market,Two Rivers Mall and Westlands.It’s only fate that made Kenyans to discover his village-here is where he was buried.
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