DP Ruto and Mama Ngina In Big Fight, The Kenyattas Now Want Him Gone

 they needed Ruto so as to win the elections and now he’s irrelevant so it’s in order to create a rift.

Recent news that Mt. Kenya politicians were looking for Ruto’s deputy did not resonate well with them as they want nothing else but a number one to continue after Uhuru.

We told Kalenjins to ask Kalonzo Musyoka how he was misused but they don’t listen.

Ruto now remains isolated. While within Jubilee he had the false sense that Kikuyus will back him in 2022, its now happening that not even after the swearing the separation has began.

This is the same tale Raila spoke, that after they signed the coalition agreement and Kibaki got to State House, everything changed immediately. The Cabinet positions promised disappeared. It is now happening with Ruto.

The Kikuyu oligarch that works with the Kenyattas will have no other tribe get close to the presidency.
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