Dear UHURU Jubilee Sycophants, Remember The Same Police That Beat You Mercilessly At Kasarani are The Same Ones Killing NASA Supporters.

By Mutembei

Jubilee sycophants now are spreading the propaganda that its not the police who are killing NASA supporters and children,Hehehe this line is laughable,to think that someone in NASA can kill kids is just idiocy of highest level.If NASA had guns they would go it man to man with the police.
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But NASA are peaceful and innocent supporters who follow their leader religiously whenever he needs them. Why are the police not arresting the killers then?Or are we saying that Kenya has reached a point where by we are killed like Chickens and police can do nothing about it? I repeat that’s idiocy of the highest order!

Three of my siblings are in police service or do I call it police force,Now whenever a NASA supporter or a young kid has been felled by the police I have been in fore front to condemn it despite some Jubilee sycophants celebrating the deaths of NASA supporters and Baby Pendo as if these were not souls lost.Yes police are trained to give us security but this has turned opposite whenever NASA supporters are involved.

They shoot NASA guys and in the process also kill young souls latest being Yesterday at Pipeline where they killed a very promising young boy barely five years old as he was playing with his mates.This is a kid who knows nothing about what is happening in this republic but a rogue police officer who am very sure if investigated well supports Jubilee,decided to cut this young boy’s life.
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Now as NASA still condemned this act,Jubilee sycophants still celebrates the loss of such life.The good Lord Yesterday touched the Alshabaab militants and they ambushed some police officers and fell down two and others received some injuries.To us the oppressed we dont celebrate this but this oppression that police has netted towards NASA supporters makes us feel like celebrating it.Truth of the matter is this is all human lives being lost.Our neighbours our brothers our sisters and other of our loved ones.
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To Jubilee sycophants who are celebrating any of these police brutality,just know its someone’s husband,wife,kid being killed. Human life should always be sacred be it NASA JUBILEE or POLICE life.As long as Jubilee celebrates police killing NASA guys,just know that NASA guys will ‘celebrate’ Alshabaab killing the police.Sad state.


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