Cooperative Bank, CBA, KCB and Equity Bank Comply With Babu Owino’s Ridiculous Demand. Don't Joke with BABU OWINO!!!

Babu Owino, member of Parliament for Embakasi East constituency has proven that he values the people who voted for him and was proven when earlier last month, he demanded that for him to open a Constituency Development Fund (CDF) account in any bank, one condition had to be met.

In a post shared On his Facebook page on the 9th of November, the controversial MP demanded that for him to open the said account, at least ten members of his constituency had to be employed in that particular Bank.
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“For me to open Embakasi east cdf account with any bank in Kenya or proceed with the existing account,the bank must provide employment opportunities to at least 10 residents of Embakasi east.If the above Condition is not met the bank should forget business from us.DO ME I DO YOU,” wrote Babu Owino

Well it seems that Babu’s dream has surely come to pass as he recently confirmed that four Banks have so far complied with his demand and are willing to do as he had demanded.
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He disclosed in a recent post that four Banks: Cooperative Bank, CBA, KCB and Equity Bank had contacted him and were willing to employ ten people from Embakasi East and all he needed were people to send their curriculum vitae.

“The following banks contacted me today and have agreed to employ residents of Embakasi east. Coop bank, CBA, KCB and Equity bank. Embakasi east residents love you. Need CVs.”

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