REVEALED: How ex-Citizen TV’s JULIE GICHURU was linked to an evil plan to assassinate RAILA ODINGA media pages, Julie, who has been on the receiving end since she endorsed Uhuru for a second term, rubbished the reports and called on police to get to the bottom of the malicious rumors

"Have some crazy bloggers made VILE, VICIOUS, DANGEROUS & FAKE allegations about me & RAO? This one @JBoinnet @FredMatiangi you must investigate. I do not believe in harming others. Never have. Never will. Never would. Now I am getting death threats over FAKE NEWS. Pathetic! 

"I headed back to Kenya via Dubai with a four hour transit at the airport. I travel light, with only hand luggage by the way. Dear FAKE bloggers, if ANY gas was found on me or ANY threatening items, in this era of terror, I would not get through ANY airport. Duh!" Julie tweeted.

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