UON VC Prof. Peter Mbithi Slept With his Niece so as To Give Her a Job at University of Nairobi (SHOCKING XPOSE)

University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor Stephen Mbithi is a man under siege after students were sent away from the institution following the unrest which saw police being allowed into the university to assault and even clobber some students to death.

But mismanagement is not the only expertise of the Vice Chancellor.

The VC is also known by the university staff and his relatives from the village as a marauding sex pest who would force even his closest of relatives to sleep with him so as to grant them favours.

According to his immediate family members, the VC cannot even step into his father’s home after he forced one of his nieces, Teresia Ndunge, to sleep with him before granting her employment as a cateress at the institution.

The woman later fell ill forcing relatives who got wind of the affair to demand that she terminate the pregnancy and Prof Mbithi be personally held liable. The woman threatened to go public when the Professor refused to cater for the abortion.

The lady was later fixed by Prof Mbithi together with some CID officers who made sure that she was jailed for three months at the Langata Women’s Prison.

Following condemnation by his own family members including his brothers and sisters, the Professor later went home and destroyed the...
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