CHEBUKATI Confirms UHURU Votes Are More Than Total Voter Turnout - Kenyans please Prepare yourselves for another repeat ELECTION

#WisdomKE via Tony Kimani

I am proud that I am alive today, to bear witness to one of the most defining moments of our history.

I write this piece a day after the fresh presidential election was conducted and as we speak, the “numbers, data or statistics” with regard to the outcome of the election are still streaming in. UK was of course competing against himself but typical of the status quo’s penchant for illegalities/irregularities , the numbers are mind boggling.
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Yesterday, the Chairman of IEBC had stated publicly that the maximum number of voters stood at 6.5 million. UK is likely to hit 12 million if the machine is not unplugged by 9 am tomorrow morning (hilarious). Anyone who still thinks that those are genuine numbers and hence votes, is either a bourgeoisie, an ignorant proletariat, an emotionally mollycoddled voter or a citizen in dire need of psychological adjustment.
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Well, they are at liberty to believe but that’s taking incredulity a bit too far. In Kenya’s body-politic, these are the majority who make the rule, not the exception. We saw the outcome yesterday, thanks to the media, which would rather make one livid considering that the figures being displayed portray quite a different picture.

But that isn’t the subject of concern.

For without a doubt, Muthamaki will be coronated and allowed to continue controlling the realms of power. That’s a given. My concern is for those running to the Courts to nullify this charade.

Ever since Mwilu’s bodyguard was shot at, the dynamics of the game changed big time.That assignment was a master stroke. Straight out of a Bolshevik script.
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And it sent a subtle message, yet one pregnant with meaning. The following day, we witnessed a lack of quorum in the highest Court of the Land. That was not a coincidence. It was a plan cleverly and swiftly executed. We saw David Maraga on that day, sounding weak and completely out of control with the situation. He shifted uneasily on his seat and sounded defeated.

On September 1, Maraga together with his 3 disciples, had gone against the grain and nullified the Presidential Election of August 8th but what followed was out of this world. Financial cuts, outright denigration and behind the scenes intimidation.
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All these the Judges went through but in public, they maintained a straight face. Until they threatened to step on the feet of impunity, again. The danger of stopping the October 26th election. Somebody had to die in order to send that message.

I can bet that any petition that falls on SCOK’s desk from now henceforth and which might involve the Executive, upsetting the apple’s cart, will be handled with lots of trepidation. Ours is a system run by the upper middle class and nobody fears death more than... 
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