NASA sponsor Billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi’s Life In Danger

Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi has written to the Inspector General of police, Joseph Boinnet saying his life might be in danger.

Through his lawyers Githinji and Karoki advocates, the billionaire has said that he has noticed persons unknown to him follow him.

Wanjigi strongly believes that the systematic onslaught against him is due to his political affiliations. He has been seen to be supporting NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga and was at one time purported to be a key financier of the NASA campaign.

In one of the incidents he is said to have confronted the people following him which was reported on August 7th by The Standard News paper captioned ‘Business comes to a standstill after Jimmy Wanjigi confronts mystery car.’

He claims that a senior State House official also visited his residence and warned them of imminent threat to his life.

He has since reported the matter to the Gigiri Police Station under OB Number 14/10/9/2017.

He has asked the office of the Inspector General to expeditiously and with urgency intervene an provide him with police protection at his cost.


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