Why IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba Is QUITTING his Job days after Chebukati claiming his Life was in DANGER...lots of EVILS in IEBC. (SEE DETAILS)

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) CEO Ezra Chiloba has revealed that he is not interested in managing elections for the second time.

Speaking to the Business Daily, Mr Chiloba conveyed that he is proud to have served in the IEBC but he is uncertain about doing it again.

"Whilst I love challenges, the only thing I don’t like is doing the same thing over and over again. I avoid monotony. This was an unparalleled experience and I’m glad so far, all the efforts invested in the last two and a half years, have gotten us to where we are. Would I do this again? I think that’s gone. It’s passed," he explained.
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The former UNDP Programme Analyst conveyed that his life goals are geared toward the corporate world. "Although my ambition after I left the UN was to join the private sector, I wanted to be a CEO in some private sector at the age of 39. Now I’m 39," he hinted.

According to the Constitution, full-time commissioners and holders of independent offices, such as the IEBC CEO's, shall only serve for a limited period of one term of six years. "A member of a commission, or the holder of an independent office—(a) unless ex officio, shall be appointed for a single term of six years and is not eligible for re-appointment," Article 250 (6) of the Law stipulates.

He also had a few words for the next CEO, who would take his place at the electoral body's management team. "You got no friends in town so just do your job. Since it’s a political process, it doesn’t matter how long it takes just stick to the rules.

"Also, never ever receive praise from a politician because....continue reading next page>>>
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