WARNING!!! Please Don’t move to this house at Seasons, KASARANI, Not unless you want to die (PHOTOs)

This house which is at Seasons, Kasarani is a death trap. It may collapse anytime soon. Read what this guy who has been residing in that house posted.

I am a disappointed man today never thought I would do this but since I do not want anyone to be in my shoes. I will do this. I moved out from this house(no name), managed by Thaara enterprise agents in seasons kasarani a place called biashara ..reason I moved out was because there was a big crack on two walls of the house and from past stories this house was demolished due to instability. Well apparently they hid this with filler and repainted the house. 
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Three months down the line the property agent Charles of number 0715335261 has now decided to refuse with my rent deposit amounting to 15,250 (this is after deducting repairs). 
I have reported this to area chief and police and the agent was summoned to appear today but failed to do so... now friends and neighbour's this is a lesson to all tenants ..be careful of the agents you deal with...to all agents if you know u are unable to keep up with your own contracts please spare us tenants the need to sign them... as for thaara enterprise I will make sure you repay the money you owe me and also make sure your license is permanently terminated that no one else will go through what I have gone through .. See photos in the next page 
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