''This is not my Wife'' IEBC CEO Ezra CHILOBA Speaks on His Marriage and his Relationship with UHURU Kenyatta

 I don’t think they understand this. That leaves my wife, of course she reads these things but I don’t know how she takes them," he told his interviewer, Jackson Biko.

Chiloba also explained how the "Chilobae" wave has affected his private life. "You know, I don’t have a life anymore. I have to camouflage a lot. "I went for shopping at Galleria Mall and everyone just stares and stops.

They want selfies and families call out and say, 'Hey Chiloba come and say hello to my children!' Then I went to Yaya Centre and the same thing happened and I was like, oh my God, this is not nice. So my security guy was like, 'CEO, I think next time just go home straight from the office," Chiloba reiterated.
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Concerning his work at the IEBC, he revealed that he has lost many friends, received over 5,000 love and hate text messages, but he is convinced that the team exceeded expectations. Interestingly, Mr Chiloba had nothing bad to say about the "Chilobae" nickname that trended on Twitter.

"Oh boy. Can I tell you something? Do you know what my private e-mail address has always been? It’s Chiloba with an 'e' at the end. So I guess I have always been Chilobae," he revealed during the interview.
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