''This is not my Wife'' IEBC CEO Ezra CHILOBA Speaks on His Marriage and his Relationship with UHURU Kenyatta

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) CEO, Ezra Chiloba, has broken his silence on questions that made him top the charts on Google, as the most searched personality in Kenya during the elections period.

In an interview with the Business Daily, Mr Chiloba has dismissed suspicions that he is married to a member of President Uhuru Kenyatta's family.

"Well, as much as it might be flattering it’s not true. I have no relations with the Kenyattas. "You know when I was appointed, they said I was appointed because of Jomo Gecaga, a guy I’ve never met in my life.
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 When the ballot paper thing came up, they said oh, it was Chiloba and Muhoho who fixed this stuff. Never met these guys in my life! Never met the president one-on-one," Chiloba said. He added: "I saw pictures the other day of me and a lady in a wedding line-up who is supposedly my wife. That’s not my wife. I was in a wedding two years ago as the best man and the lady—an MP’s wife, was the best maid."

Mr Chiloba, a lawyer by profession, disclosed that he is happily married with an eight-year old daughter and a son who is two.

Asked how his newly aquired fame affected the family, the CEO stated that he and his family were more concerned with their security than the fleeting "national infatuation". "My son is two and my daughter is eight so...continue reading Next page>>>
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