Pastor reveals how RAILA ODINGA has abandoned his sickly daughter, ROSEMARY - This is gross

...this nonsense, we have one Kenya, 45plus millions lives, 44tribes and foreigners, one person or two cannot be allowed to divide Kenyan's for their own selfish interest and their thirst to get in power for them to pay their debt, ah give us a break please.

Raila should not be allowed to go down with Kenya, he may not care about his family and relative's or even Luos #where is Rosemary Odinga,” pastor Migwi wrote. The renowned Pastor also urged Raila and his supporters to think beyond their selfish agenda and let Kenya enjoy peace. ''Ndii should by now be behind bars in unknown prison.

Denying anarchist freedom is protecting democracy and we exercised our democratic right's to vote in and out our leader's and many of them are already in of ice and others out, again because we love and protect our constitution, we believe in the supreme court under the same constitution to rule in a Justice way the filed Nasa petition against President elect, and no one can force a court of law to rule in their favor that's not justice, it's like forcing a pregnant woman to give birth to a child of your choice and that can't work, if she is girl/ boy you cannot force the mother to give birth to your favourite.” he wrote.
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