NASA Leaders Reveal The 5 Main Evidences They Have Against IEBC that will Send UHURU/RUTO Home.

on the most vital matter that any democratic nation EVER faces, the election of its President for the next five years? And why did the IEBC refuse to address the set of questions about vote tallying that that NASA had submitted?" the team posed.
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5. Doctoring of Forms and Cooking of Figures

The NASA leaders accused IEBC officials of cooking figures and doctoring Form 34As to match the cooked numbers. "We will show how they shamelessly cooked results from non-existent polling stations and fake un-gazetted Presiding and Returning officers. "They gave figures from non-existent Forms 34A and 34B; they scrambled to manufacture such forms; switched vote numbers; and how they openly swindled to reach predetermined consistent vote numbers. 

They cooked numbers to the extent that vote tallies often surpassed registered voters in polling stations," the leaders noted. The leaders declared the elections a sham and noted that they would not accept the declared results. "Accepting such a crime for the third election in a row would irredeemably entrench the triumph of anti-democratic impunity and the permanent death of democracy. Future elections would be a sham. NASA shall not be party to it," the opposition stated.
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