Mutahi Ngunyi tells Raila Odinga BITTER TRUTH Why he Always Loses Elections and why he will lose Court Petition.(VIDEO)

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi and his team at the Fort Hall School of Government on Sunday revealed that with or without the Supreme Court, National Super Alliance (NASA) Leader Raila Odinga will lose and would not be the fifth President of Kenya.

In their weekly show, the Fifth Estate, the team notes that the people have rejected the former Prime Minister four times and will still reject him for the fifth time.

The analyst submitted that the Supreme Court will not change anything because " the gods have rejected Raila".

 "If Kenyans have rejected Raila 4 times, then we must conclude that God has rejected Raila 4 times. "If this is true, no institution on earth can reverse this rejection.

 "It is over for Raila, anything he does will lead to his reduction and whatever direction the Supreme Court makes, Raila will be destroyed," he stated.

The political analysts further noted that Mr Odinga should...continue next page+VIDEO
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