Kiambu Voters Set to Impeach their newly elected GREEDY Women Rep. Even Dp Ruto wants her Impeached for... (SEE DETAILS)

Kiambu voters have initiated a petition, collecting signatures for an impeachment motion against their newly-elected Woman Representative Gathoni Wa Muchomba.

The petition has gained traction on social media platforms with some residents of the county suggesting that more than 400,000 signatures have been acquired so far.

The residents are seeking to oust their new representative after she appeared on NTV on Wednesday. The former journalist was quoted as having stated: "I want to be paid well. I want to be honoured for who I am," while commenting on the Parliamentary Service Commission's move to reverse pay cuts. Kiambu residents thereafter bashed the first-time lawmaker for what they termed as greed.

A poster with was also created to drum up support for the cause.

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