KALONZO MUSYOKA the Jubilee mole in NASA, this man can't be trusted...LOOK!!

 off so as to do what he did. And it made perfectly sense to him once he was shown the numbers and it became clear that money in hand is better than an elusive victory.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has overseen corruption and wanton obliteration of our coffers, as the thugs have become a critical constituency unto themselves.

They’ve intimidated constitutional office-bearers and stopped people like Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission plus the office of the Director of Criminal Investigations from executing their mandate with cheap threats of dismissal, using the parliamentary majority as leverage.

Corruption has bright prospects in the next 5 years. The next 5 years will be especially challenging, as Ruto seeks to consolidate his powerbase and Uhuru taking a back-seat. As we know members of the Kikuyu community, they’ve played their part and now Uhuru ceases to be a factor any longer, just as it happened when Mwai Kibaki tried to impose Musalia Mudavadi as President in 2013. Will Kenyatta continue swaying opinion past today?

Well probably, but not to the absolute extent he has been. So now comes the Gideon Moi factor. Son of the former President who wants to come back for a second-helping, and demolish our coffers from the little that the father left, is now planning to start undermining William Ruto from his backyard
and influencing local politics.

He can’t be ignored because he has money and the name. Kikuyu’s look like lost animals in the wilderness as there is no transition plan. They have no one to negotiate their interests because Peter Kenneth has lost his mojo and is now a dead-end. What next for them after Uhuru? Same for Luo’s and Luhya’s.

All their leaders have failed to live up to the billing, as either on each side of the political divide, didn’t deliver. Ababu Namwamba was a failure, while Mudavadi was a sham to NASA. I think it’s high time mainstream media stop this obsession with politicians of the old order and look to grooming fresh new voices within the Kenyan structure.

Even this Kamba called Alfred Mutua didn’t win...CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE>>>
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