IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba Is QUITTING his Job and this is why...lots of EVILS in IEBC. (SEE DETAILS)

they’ll abandon you the next day. A politician doesn’t love you, there’s nothing like that. It’s self-interest," he advised. When asked if he believed that the IEBC had followed due process to conduct a credible, free and fair election, he expressed great confidence that they had.

"I’m 200 per cent confident. I can tell you that maybe because of my upbringing, sticking to the rules is very important for me, so are my personal values. And at my age why would I want to mess up systems," he asserted.

Chiloba stated that his greatest weakness as CEO was the fact that he was too trusting, especially with politicians, and he had lost many friends during the election period. "You lose friends, I’ve lost many. People look at me differently.

My phone currently has over 5,000 unread messages ranging from the good to threats," he stated. In parting, Chiloba stated: "I haven’t been on leave for the last two and a half years. This historic moment is over and I’m satisfied with everything.

I want to take a holiday, spend time with family, go back to doing what I used to do with friends I still have. I want to watch my daughter play with her two dogs."
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