Here is UHURU KENYATTA'S Huge Reward to Gospel Artiste Ben Githae for 'Uhuru Na Ruto Tano Tena' campaign hit Song

Popular gospel artiste Ben Githae has revealed that he was "handsomely rewarded" by President Uhuru Kenyatta for the 'UhuruRuto Tano Tena' song in favour of Jubilee government.

Done in Swahili, the song focuses on the Head of State's development record, touching on various projects, among them the Standard Gauge Railway, roads and free maternity.

Unwilling to disclose how much he made from the song, the singer said if his recent visit to State House was anything to go by, then he made no mistake.

Speaking to the Metropolitan Magazine Githae also said his affiliation to Jubilee was his democratic right and he shouldn’t be vilified. “I also have a democratic right to support whoever I like and I have been doing political rallies since 2011 so it shouldn’t be an issue. "I have not lost a fan, if I have then those are Opposition supporters,” he said.

The singer received a lot of backlash from the public, with many finding fault with him for taking a political stand.

He was even accused of selling his soul and...continue reading
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