Here is Raila Odinga's Full Statement on NASA Moving to Court to Fight Uhuru Kenyatta's ''Computer Generated'' Win

grossly violated their mandate and started calling upon NASA to concede – even before the IEBC officially announced the election’s outcome. We Kenyans will not let such impunity continue any longer. We have the right, and indeed the high responsibility to defend the Constitution and the people’s will. 

Peaceful assembly is guaranteed by the Constitution, so is civil disobedience. So is the right for labour to strike. And yet our people are being admonished not to protest an election they are convinced has been stolen.

 The State unleashed unprecedented violence against perceived NASA supporters in their homes and houses. 

The police have shot, bludgeoned, and cut short the lives of innocents like infant Baby Samantha Pendo at six months and Stephanie Moraa Nyarang’i a young girl of 9 years using crude weapons and live bullets. 

Yet as Kenyans are butchered and their civil liberties trumped upon, they are being told not to protest against a leader they believe is being imposed on them through a computergenerated fraud. The entire world knows that there were nationwide protests in the US after the last elections. 

We also know that to date, there are investigations going on by the Justice Department and Congress to establish whether the US elections were hacked by foreign agencies. 

Fellow Kenyans, We refuse to sit and watch the Jubilee turn our country into a banana republic and a playground. Accepting such a crime for the third election in a row would irredeemably entrench the triumph of anti-democratic impunity and the permanent death of democracy. Future
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