Here is Raila Odinga's Full Statement on NASA Moving to Court to Fight Uhuru Kenyatta's ''Computer Generated'' Win

announce that Uhuru Kenyatta had been elected president, even though the Commission continued to acknowledge that only about 29,000 of the 41,000 verified Forms 34As had been tallied! Why was there this fanatical rush to judgment on the most vital matter that any democratic nation EVER faces, the election of its President for the next five years? 

And why did the IEBC refuse to address the set of questions about vote tallying that that NASA had submitted? IEBC might have declared Uhuru Kenyatta president, but a vast number of Kenyans have not accepted the legitimacy of the decision, and will not accept it until they have answers to profoundly disturbing questions that have been raised. Indeed, the Carter Centre, in its preliminary findings has questioned this rush and its overall impact on the outcome. 

The Centre says: 

“Although election day voting and counting processes functioned smoothly, the electronic transmission of results from the polling stations to the 290 constituency centers, where official results are tallied, proved unreliable. 

Unofficial results were also transmitted to the national tally centre, where they were posted on its website. 

Unfortunately, the early display of vote tallies at the national level was not accompanied by the scans of polling station results forms as planned, nor labelled unofficial, leading to some confusion regarding the status of official results.” No one should believe, and especially not those behind this election fraud, that Kenyans are sheep who will willingly go along with democracy’s slaughter. This country is now divided between those prepared to live under autocracy and the forces of freedom and democracy. 

Most Kenyans do not agree that our democracy is a charade, a game, in which people campaign their hearts out for leaders they want, but are then given a winner predetermined by the darkest forces in our society and beyond. 

We also have the no less bizarre situation where some observers....
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