Here is NASA's Petition that will divide Kenya into two Counties. Kikuyu and Kalenjin in one county and other tribes in a different county. Do you support it? YES or NO?

Renowned Economist and National Super Alliance (NASA) technical advisor David Ndii has created a petition to divide the country into two halves.

Ndii notes that for the past 54 years of Kenya's independence, the country has consistently been ruled by two communities yet it is a country with 44 tribes.

He submits that successive Kenyan governments have perpetuated a culture of impunity through rigged elections that deny Kenyans from other tribes the ability to self-determine and even grow economically.

"In the wake of a rigged 2017 election and the subsequent killings and fact ethnic cleansing taking place in the country, it is time we charted our own course as people who believe in change," he stated.
In the draft petition, he singles out regions such as Nyanza, Western, Turkana and the Coast region as areas which should be separated from....continue reading>>>
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