This is why Joseph Nkaissery Only Drunk Three Tusker Beers (Revealed)

The late Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery is said to have had a strict personal practice of taking two and at most three Tusker beers at his favourite joint at the Bomas of Kenya. The unique habit can be closely linked to his character as a sociable gentleman who - according to those who were close to him - before the appointment to the Cabinet, would talk to everyone, share personal challenges and also debate the current affairs. "Whenever he came, he would sit at the public counter, order drinks and even offer to pay for the other patrons. However, things changed the moment he was appointed to the Cabinet," a source revealed.
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General Nkaissery was also a philanthropist who did not hesitate to help the needy, a quality that he had in common with his wife Mrs Hellen Nkaissery.

Waiters who served him at the Bomas lounge conveyed that the retired General also liked to watch the BBC News channel as he enjoyed his beers. He has also been uniquely described as a man who was soft-spoken despite his public demeanour of a stern, harsh man.

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