NYAKUNDI drops a bombshell on NKAISERRY’s death and names his possible killers.

Ministers of Internal Security don’t just die. Nkaissery Suspicious Death.
Did Jubilee Murder Nkaissery Just Like They Murdered Blogger Bogonko Bosire? It sounds all too familiar.
George Saitoti, Mutula Kilonzo, Otieno Kajwang, George Thuo, Bogonko Bosire, Jacob Juma, these high-profile deaths aren’t coincidental.
Since Uhuru assumed the presidency, a lot of people have paid the ultimate price just to secure this position.
As we are told, Uhuru’s inner-circle is extremely paranoid. They believe that Kenya is their own to command and take extreme offense when someone goes against that order.
The ICC case saw the deaths of anyone connected to them.
Giving Uhuru a second term means Kenyans will be rubber stamping a return to the dark days when murders and extra-judicial killings were the order of the day.
Can it be a coincidence that two internal-security ministers just died out of the blues? Let’s be serious as Kenyans.
We now petition all diplomats to immediately issue a statement, calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to immediately call for a press-conference distancing himself from the murder. The press conference must be attended by international journalists and all bloggers must be invited.
We now petition all international observer missions to immediately convene a meeting and demand heightened security with assurances from the Inspector General of Police, the Director of Criminal Investigation, and the National Intelligence Service (NIS).
This sad state of affairs only means that their security in the country is at risk and is a message to them to either toe the line or die. We call upon the US Ambassador to Kenya Bob Godec to immediately communicate to Donald Trump the real (not imagined) threat to the lives of bloggers and contrarians who are on record on social-media, criticizing this government.
Let Donald Trump be told in clear and simple terms that should he (Uhuru) win elections unfairly, no member of the international community will recognise his presidency.
How does someone who is an internal security minister just collapse and die? That’s very sinister. These things don’t happen in the rest of the world. Wasn’t the death of his predecessor George Saitoti stage for political-expediency? Wasn’t he viewed as a threat?
We have to start preparing Kenya for…..
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