SHOCKING REJECTION for JUBILEE as 67% of MERU decides to vote for NASA's RAILA in August. Here is Meru TV station poll results.

A poll conducted by a TV station in Meru seems to have set the record straight on the battle between NASA and Jubilee in Meru.

The TV conducted a poll by asking the viewers on who they would be voting for at the August 8 polls. 67% of those who participated in the polls said that they are going to cast their votes in the favour of the NASA alliance. 33% of the voters in the same poll said that they will not be voting for NASA at the polls.

The poll came in the wake of Raila's tour in the region in which thousands of the residents showed up for the rally.

Yet another pollster had claimed that Raila would only get 21% (126,000 votes) of the total votes cast in Meru with Uhuru getting 70% (468,000 votes). The assumption in the poll was that only 84% of the total registered voters would show up at the polling station.
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