NEW POLL: 13 Swing Counties That Would Decide Kenya's Next President between UHURU and RAILA. (FINAL RESULTS)

President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Super Alliance (NASA) flag bearer Raila Odinga are bracing themselves for a win in 13 Counties billed as swing areas that could tilt the tide for the two presidential front-runners.
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According to sources, President Kenyatta and Opposition chief Odinga are both focussing their attention on the vote-rich swing areas while Of the 13 swing counties, Odinga won in seven of them during the 2013 elections while Kenyatta took six.
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Odinga was, however, beaten by Kenyatta based on the turnout. He averaged a turnout rate
of about 83 percent compared to counties won by Uhuru that averaged 89.7 percent.
Uhuru also won big, averaging 86 percent of the votes in comparison to Odinga’s average
vote share of 70 per cent in 27 counties.
Here are the counties with data from the 2013 general election

1. West Pokot Kenyatta won with 79,772 against Odinga's 24,952.

2. Nairobi Odinga won with 691,156 beating Kenyatta 659,490,

3. Turkana Odinga 68,402 against Uhuru’s 30,285,

4. Samburu Odinga won with...continue reading Next page
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