Hessy wa Kayole guns down three armed robbers and issues a warning to the remaining ones...NO MERCY!!! (SEE Photos)

Well, knowing that Human Rights has been against his way of handling the criminals…he also had something to tell them. He said,

If we are guilty of exposing crime let us be. How many times have these criminals put innocent Kenyans at risk? How many times have Kenyans been robbed at gun point? How many times have our mothers, daughters and wives been raped by these merciless thugs??? We need change, we need to eliminate the bad fruits from the public… Sijui ni kwa nini human rights wanatufight…these guys wakiwapata they don’t care about your so called human tights…think twice, even thrice if necessary…we can’t bring swords to a gun fight…Kenyans can we count on you to expose these criminals?

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