ABABU Namwamba EMBARRASSED and HUMILIATED in front of President Uhuru Kenyatta (Payback Time)

Budalangi Member of Parliament (MP) Ababu Namwamba was on Wednesday humiliated after residents of Bumula completely refused to accord him a chance to address them during President Uhuru Kenyatta's tour of Busia County. The President had invited the Labour Party leader to address the crowd at Bumula but the residents booed and heckled Namwamba off the stage.

The charged crowd shouted anti-Namwamba slogans accusing the legislator of betraying his community by joining the Jubilee Party. President Kenyatta was forced to forego Mr Namwamba's invitation and continue with his speech. "Okay, I understand it is your right to be addressed by whoever you wish. I will continue my address," Uhuru stated. In his address, the Head of State urged the residents to support Jubilee saying that his team was geared towards progress and development. The President also assured the residents that the River Nzoia bridge would be completed within one month to facilitate easy transportation in the region. He further noted that his government would revive the collapsed cotton industry in the region to create employment for the locals. Here is the video:

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